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Spiritual Healing

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual Healing is not new – it has been around for centuries across the world. It is the transmission of the ”Universal Life Force” that maintains all Life – we live in it, we breathe it, we contain it. Some healers refer to this energy as the ”healing power”, some to the ”Divine Source of all Life”, ”God” or ”Spirit” – all are referring to the same source, the choice relates to the healer’s beliefs and philosophy.

Modern Healing is practised from varied philosophcial viewpoints – many eastern philosophies include healing, as does the philosophy of Spiritualism. Healers may be non-denominational or practice within a specific religion. Spiritual healers are ”mediums” in the literal sense – they act as a medium between the source of the healing and the recipient. They link with the healing power and the reciever, becoming a channel through which the energy flows.

Many healers acknowledge the help of greater souls or guides. These are real people who have moved beyond the physcial body and live in the spirit world. They have dedicated their time to working with the healing power, bringing a wider understanding and broader vision to the work on a spiritual level

Spiritual healing is a spiritual process.

Is it faith healing?

No. This is demonstrated by the fact that young children, babies, animals and even plants respond to healing. Faith plays no active part in the outcome. No-one is asked about their faith or lack of it, healing is available to everyone.

What form does healing take?

There are many forms of spiritual healing, the most common is contact or ”hands on” healing where the hands are placed onto or near the body, sometimes running lightly over the body.

Absent healing is carried out when the reciepient is not able to be physically present, it can be as effective as contact healing. Distance is no object to absent healing.

How does it work?

Spiritual healing operates on many different levels, ”inner” healing establishes balance in all levels of the person by focusing on and dealing directly with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human being; ”outer” healing helps re-establishing balance in the different layers of the aura, including the physical body.

There is an intelligence at work in its operation, guiding the process in a progressive and appropriate way whether it be to speed up the body’s natural healing process after a physical injury, promote recovery from illness or aid mental/emotional stress.

The healer is aiding the individual to help him/herself through natural processes, even though these may be considered supernatural to those not familiar with healing. The healer tunes into the power of the healing and then links with the recipient, so that the healing energies can flow freely through the channel that is the healer, and be distributed as appropriate.

At its best, healing touches the soul – which may restore the natural balance of health and well-being, at its least, healing can alleviate pain, bring calmness and a good nights sleep.

Does it always work?

Every healing session is an experiment. Since no healer heals of himself, no promise can be made, but a healer will never limit what may be possible. Help is always brought, but it does not always physical ”cure”. It may bring relief from pain and distress, and/or a deep sense of inner peace and calmness. This is helpful and healing in itself, as it sooths the emotions, a turbulent mind or the soul that feels unfulfilled.

Healing is directed at the whole being and not just the physical condition. It is only through harmony being restored to the whole that disease can be overcome thus treating the cause and not just the symptom.

The effects of healing can be profound and far reaching, and not just for people, animals or plants – relationships, situations and events involving people may also benefit from sufficient absent healing; enough people ”sending” out positive healing energy could help bring about a greater peace and so aid the state of the planet.

What do I have to do?

It is not necessary to remove any clothing except a coat and shoes. Just relax and allow yourself to enjoy the experience. Some people feel little during healing – some feel heat, or cold, tingling or vibration, all these things can be part of the process, or not. We are all individual and respond differently.

All that is asked of you is an open mind concerning the healer’s capability to be a channel for the healing energy.


Spiritual healing is offered as a complementary therapy to orthodox medecine, not an alternative – no healer should undermine a doctor’s diagnosis or treatment. A strict Code of Conduct is followed by all major healing organizations.

Spiritual healing is natural, part of our environment and part of our nature. It is a source of strength, love and self-help for all of us.

We are all on a journey through life, seeking our purpose. We experience many highs and lows, yet each one of us is totally unique. There is much we can learn from one another….

In September 2012 three new SNU healers were certified , who started their education through Susa.

Ann-Marie Svensson  08 653 25 23

Malin Edström  0733 601 903,

Bengt Jähle 0732620705