Welcome to SUSA Sverige


Susasverige is a group of people aiming to spread the knowledge of Spiritualism through information and education.The main aim is to prove that life continues after physical death.

We arrange demonstrations, where you can experience how a medium is working.

We also arrange weekend, evening and day seminars in mental mediumship, spiritualism and personal development.

Welcome to call Helene Mattsson 0708 558699 or Eva Victor 0709 585782 for further information, questions and bookings.

If they are not able to answer, one of them will call you back as soon as possible.

Or you can reach us by mail.


Jeff Jones has started to offer private consultations on Skype.

His skype name is guidinglight.communications

Jeff jones


Bill Parkins, also well-known to many of Susa´s friends, do skype sessions as well.



Lovisa Dyner is our animal communicator, she lives in France most of the time, but can read from a photograph. Her help is getting more an more popular, what she has done for my animals is fantastic.


Melissa Rasovic  lives south of Stockholm 0760064284

Katarina Stenfelt 0733 16 29 71 www.senzafine.se