Little did we know what we were getting involved in, when we came in contact with two British mediums, back in 2002.

I, Eva had just lost my mother, when I realized that she was still around me, although she had crossed to the other side.

She was still around me, but only more talkative  than she had been for years. She was still there to comfort me, she had not abandoned me.

I, Helene had been talking to my mother in the spirit world for almost thirty years, but I had no idea that she was there, listening and answering back.

Of course we wanted to help others to have the same experiance as we had had.

When we were asked to arrange with bookings for private sittings, open demonstrations and arrange seminars, we were only too happy to oblige.

Eva has from the beginning been hosting the mediums, and it is also in her house that most of the sittings and demonstrations have taken place.

Helene´s summer houses have taken care of the week-end seminars.

In the first six years about six hundred persons met the mediums.
We’ve hosted about two thousand sittings.

2008 was the year of renewal for us.

The need for new input became obvious, and we started to work with mediums from IFS, the international federation as well as certified Swedish mediums and Brennan healers, although we have not lost contact with SNU mediums and trainees.
The last eighteen months have given us, not only many new friends,
but also the joy to see many of them working together on various projects.

We are also spreading to new towns and communities. SUSA May 2009

e g Trosa, Stjärnhov, Tumba in Södermanland,

upcoming Karlsborg and Gotland.