Sept 2012 seminar with Jeff Jones


Thank you Bill and Nick for a lovely week, and all those who took part during the week.

We will try to burn CDs of Bill´s trance performance so those who were not there will be able to hear if not see-It went on for over an hour and was quite impressive.

Bill and Nick

Our spring programme starts with an introduction to -How to work with bereavement-
by Görel Enegren , certified bereavement therapist

Bereavement is not only the loss of someone by death, but a death can often trigger other negative feelings and thoughts.
such as a broken relationship, a decision you regret having taken, or that life has not turned out the way you have hoped for.
Many feelings of sadness have their origin in something that happened a long time ago.
Time does not mend bereavement-unless you you do something about it

Tuesday Feb 23